In-trip bookings made easy.


The platform to innovate your customer journey

Enabling tourism operators to engage with customers during their travel, to enhance the overall experience and create a unique marketplace to capture revenue from in-trip purchases.


The Platform

Lassoo is an end-to-end solution. A white labelled customer interface with a customisable travel content backend and fully integrated accounting and payment system. Allowing the creation of a customer-facing marketplace, branded as the Tourism Operators’ own from where their customers can manage everything about their trip.

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Tourism Operators

Lassoo gives you game changing engagement with your customers, don’t own your customer experience, orchestrate it. Lassoo allows you to continue the relationship with your customers by providing curated experiences that they want.

Increase your revenue, unlock new business opportunities, and gain detailed insights into your customer’s behaviour.

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One place where you can store and access all of the booked and bookable content relevant to your trip or visit. The best tool to help you plan your trip - both before and during your travel. You can book or simply highlight things of interest at any time, they automatically load into your itinerary. Select and book or drop these from your itinerary easily at anytime.

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The App

A white label interface that can be customised to your own brand. One app for customers to review options, make bookings and pay seamlessly. The app is tailored to suit a business’s requirements for presenting ancillary services to travellers all connected to an original booking. Increase the customer experience and understand what they do rather than what they say.



The team at Lassoo have been working on how to best present in-trip options to travellers since the early 1990’s. The emergence and application of mobile technology has allowed us to evolve and provide the best in market solution for both Tourism Operators and their customers alike.

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