Lassoo is an end-to-end solution. A white labelled app with a customisable travel content backend and fully integrated accounting and payment system. Allowing the creation of a customer-facing marketplace, branded as the Tourism Operators’ own from where their customers can manage everything about their trip.

‘In-trip’ reservations, payment and commission tracking for the travel industry

  • A customisable platform, which can be tailored at both the front and backend to suit a business’s requirements for presenting ancillary services to travellers.

    1. One portal to review options, make bookings, receive payments and distribute funds to multiple parties, seamlessly and automatically.

    2. A place where curated content and offers can be presented to match specific traveller requirements relative to location, timetable and interests.


In the form of a white label-able native app or mobile website:

  • Giving a customer facing marketplace - downloaded to their own mobile device.

    1. With high conversion on purchases as travellers are compelled to use it as their primary trip management tool.

    2. For use by tour guides, travel desks and concierges to present and book in-trip content for the travellers and guests they are hosting.